"Breakfast at Tiffany's Bakery"
The Early Bird
"Wizard of Oz"
"McDivot Historical Map"
Sandy Mulligan
The Invention of Flying
"Hulk Worm"
"The Good the Bad and the Ugly"
Sandy Mulligan - Pirate
Kraken Context
"To Serve Buns"
Burnie and Shamrocks
"Le Voyage Dans La Lune"
"A Christmas Story"
"Burnie VS the Red Baron"
"Fleetwood McDivot - Tremors"
"Fezzes are Cool"
"Indiana McJones"
Albert McEinstein
I McScream, You McScream
The Godfather
Who's Yer Caddy?
Happy Thanksgiving
The Gopher Gazette
Angus McDivot
Chibi McDivot
Lady Liberty
Tropical Gopher
Bike to Work Day
Habitat for Humanity
"Laugh-In Parody"
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